Daily activities

  • 10.30-17.00: Collaborative exhibition: “Poszli na spacer. They went for a Walk. Sie gingen spazieren”. Exhibition partners: Marta Wróblewska (Gdańska Galeria Miejska), Krystyna Jarosz (Muzeum Kultury Ludowej Węgorzewo), Agata Kern (Ostpreußisches Landesmuseum Lüneburg), Bettina Bouresh (Lehndorffgesellschaft Steinort e.V. ), Hannah Wadle (FairerTales).
  • As part of the exhibition: 10.30, 12.30, and 15.30: “Walks with Heinrich und Gottliebe von Lehndorff”. Historical tour through the manor and the manor park Pl., Ger. and Engl.
  • 11.00-16.30 (with lunch break): Secret flowers and pocket dolls. Arts & crafts drop-in workshops for children and adults with Karolina Haluszczak, Thea Luckcock, and Roksana Butrym.
  • Mornings (ca. 11.30) and afternoons (ca. 16.30): Ad-hoc group walks (Walk & Write & Draw, Walks with an object, Hack your walks, Mindful walking)


Monday, 6.08.2018

17.30-19.00, Stn:ort 2018 festival week opening: Summer reception at the Tea House; Polish-German reading from the book “Podwójne życie”; exhibition opening of “Poszli na spacer. Sie gingen spazieren. They went for a Walk” Suggested donation: tbc.

Tuesday, 7.08.2018

Doors: 18.00, begin: 18.30 Hyde Park Corner: Acoustic open stage night. With special guest singer-songwriter Michał; open to all performers spoken word, music, storytelling. Suggested donation:  tbc

Bonfire for Stn:ort friends & team

Wednesday, 8.08.2018

18.30 Best of O!PLA Polish Animation Screenings for early school audiences,  suggested donation:  tbc

19.30 O!PLA on a Walk Polish Animation Screenings for Adults curated selection: Walk, suggested donation:  tbc

Thursday, 9.08.2018

Doors 18.00, begin 18.30 “Sztynort 1935”, play by Jakub Maiński, performed by actors of the Uniwersytet Trzeciegio Wieku of Węgorzewo under direction of Bogusława Fido and Jakub Maiński. Suggested donation: tbc

Friday, 10.08.2018

Doors, 18.00, begin: 18.30 Evening Walk. Song Recital with Barbara Zamek-Maińska (soprano) and Uwe Münch (piano).  Suggested donation: tbc.

Torch walk to the Mausoleum for friends and team

Saturday, 11.08.2018

11.00-14.00, Big Stn:ort Soup. We meet to cook a big soup. Suggested donation: tbc

Closing of the festival week

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