2019: Programme

 Festival Programme

Every Day, 6.08.-11.08.

10:30am -5:00pm: Collaborative Exhibition around the palace “Playgrounds”

10:30, 12:30 i 15:30: Themed tour around Park and Palace: “The Palace in Sztynort: Playground Stories” 

14:00-16:30: Dance, flower wreaths, sensoplastics, soap bubbles, pottery and more. Workshops for children and adults.

18.00-18.30: Children’s culture programme: reading, play, cinema

18.30-20:00: Evening events: concerts, theatre performances, talks

Events Programme

Monday, 05-08-2019

16:00 – 18:00, in front of the palace, PL, DT, ENG/ storytelling

  • Stn: ort 2019 – Palace Festival opening. Curator’s festival tour of palace and park, “The Palace in Sztynort: Playground Stories”, reception and opening of the exhibition “Playgrounds”. 

18:30, big stage in Sztynort marina/ music & dance

  • Fiesta with Café Cortao Compañía Flamenca (PL), Concert of the Flamenco Ensemble form the Polish capital Warsaw combined with an open dance workshop by Magdalena Siwecka, who is also a flamenco teacher. Join the fiesta in Sztynort! The play of passion and the feeling of Spain and the Mediterranean Southwest!

The concert is funded by the Lehndorffgesellschaft Steinort e.V., whose members have a surprising affinity for Iberian culture. 

Tuesday, 6-08-2019

6.08.,  Conversation with Round-the-World-Sailor Szymon Kuczyński, 18.30, Pałac w Sztynorcie. 

Wednesday, 07-08-2019

18:30, palace hall/ music

  • Yegor Zabelov, Accordion (BLR), Solo concert of the legendary underground composer and accordion virtuous from Belarus.

The melodies of Yegor Zabelov sound like live-storytelling. If they remind of Jack Kerouac’s stream-of-consciousness writing, they are richer in the intensity of sorrow, longing, hope and love.  With his instrument, like with a third lung, the artist fills the concert hall with exceptional emotional density.

The concert is sponsored by Familie Ina and Wessel Heukamp, who came to visit us in the previous year and decided to support us generously. Co-funding comes from Stiftung Deutsch-Polnische Zusammenarbeit/ Fundacja Współpracy Polsko-Niemieckiej.

Thursday, 8-09-2019 

18:00: Palace cellar or hall (children and adults)/ film

  • O!PLA Plac Zabaw I, Wieczór filmowy O!PLA, tbc Screening of Polish Animated films for children in early school age.

18:30, palace cellar/ music

  • Acoustic open stage night and jam session, everyone has the chance to perform on this special night: spoken word, storytelling, music! Sign into the list of performers for the evening during the course of the day at the palace reception or at the beginning of the evening.

The event is funded by Stiftung Deutsch-Polnische Zusammenarbeit/ Fundacja Współpracy Polsko-Niemieckiej.

Friday, 09.08.2019

18:30, palace hall/ PL, DT/ theatre

  • Jakub Maiński „Sztynort 1935”, festival theatre production with professional Polish-German cast, directed by the playwright. 

Playwright, director, casting: Jakub Maiński; cast Thorsten Münchow, Paul Boche, Kalle Pearlmutter, Oskar Hamerski, Julian Mere, Joanna Węglicka, Maja Luxenberg, Jakub Maiński.

In his debut play, Jakub Mainski (1984, Warsaw) doesn’t give his audience a vacation from human and social dilemmas.  Not in a place like Sztynort: The palace of Sztynort in 1935. A meeting with extended family, members of the East Prussian aristocracy, at the dinner table. Changes are on the way – in the world and in the own family. A new party, a new genealogical alliance. Whose side is to be taken? Whom to believe? How do own family traditions and individual values correspond to the idea about a new society, about a “better” human”? The play speaks about identity, morality, difference. It casts a critical eye at the difficulty of being a member of the social elites in times of social renewal according to racial ideologies. The play is acted by a cast of renowned actors from Poland and Germany.

The event is co-funded by the Lehndorff-Gesellschaft Steinort e.V. and the Stiftung Deutsch-Polnische Zusammenarbeit. Sponsorship for the  professional 360° VR- recording of the play is provided by King Cross/ Nowy Sztynort. The live recording can be booked via the organizers. 

Saturday, 10-08-2019

18:30-20:00, palace hall/ PL, DT, ENG/ music

  • Kinderlieder. Concert of classical children’s songs in Polish, Englisch, and German. With Barbarą Zamek (soprano), Hauke Renken (vibraphone), Krzysztof Guzewicz (percussion) Natalia Czekała (piano).

This unusual transnational quartet comes together solely for the occasion of the festival. The artists combine the classical concert format with improvisation and have enough courage to invite the audience to participate at the end. In a novel instrumental arrangement, we’ll hear new and familiar childhood melodies in the atmospheric hall of the old palace. 

The event is sponsored by Deutsche Botschaft in Warschau

Sunday, 11-08-2018

10:00-14:00, in front of the palace, food

  • Big Stn:ort Soup, following the local tradition of excellent soups, together we’ll prepare one big pan of soup from locally sourced ingredients.

18:30-19.30, palace hall/ PL/ theatre

  • Kabaret Uniwersytetu Trzeciego Wieku w Węgorzewie, we’ll experience the second festival performance of the most likable and talented lay acting group round town: the Cabaret Theatre of the Third Age University of Węgorzewo. 

20:00-24:00, in front of the palace/ music & dance

  • Afterparty-Disco, oh yes, at the end of the festival we’ll dance under the stars. Be open-minded for some exciting music, how about some ethno-(re)construction-pop?

The End. Finish line of STN:ORT Palace Festival 2019.