Photo Gallery 2018

Here you can find photos from Stn:ort 2018 during and after the festival. For pictures from the past year, look in our archive.

Opening of the Palace Days, 6.09.2018

Premiere of the guided tour “Walk with Heinrich and Gottliebe von Lehndorff”

Fot.: Hannah Wadle, Christa David-Wadle

Pocket Doll Workshops with Roksana Butrym, 6.-7.08.2018

Fot.: Christa David-Wadle

Open stage with special guest Michał Lampard, 7.08.2018

Fot.: Marcin Białous, Thea Luckock, Katja Hock

Day with the volunteers from the Sunny House in Gołdap, 8.08.2018

Fot.: Marcin Białous

Evening with Polish Animation  O!PLA, 8.08.2018

Fot.: Hannah Wadle, Thea Luckcock

Exhibition “they went for a walk” in the palace

Fot.: Bettina Bouresh, Marcin Białous

Public Reading “Sztnort 1935”, 9.08.2018

Jakub Maiński, „Sztynort 1935”, Public reading directed by the author and performed by the drama group of the seniors’ academy  in Węgorzewo.

Playwright and Director: Jakub Maiński; Casting: Bogdanna Fido
Cast: Zbigniew Strzałkowski, Tomasz Grunwald, Jerzy Janoszek, Dariusz Wasilewski, Leszek Truchanowicz, Małgorzata Runce, Bogdanna Fido, Alicja Brzezińska, Bożena Klisko

Fot.: H. Wadle

Guided tours through the palace and the vault cellar

Fot.: B. Bouresh

Arts workshop: Secret Flowers

Fot.: Thea Luckcock, Christa David-Wadle

Song Recital: Barbara Zamek i Uwe Münch, 10.08.2018

Fot. Bettina Bouresh, Marcin Białous

Last day of the Palace Days 2018, 11.08.2018: Stn:ort Soup, Japanese pottery wheel, rain – and sun!

Fot.: Christa David-Wadle, Zbigniew Bloch



For a start, here are some images from the preparations for Stn:ort 2018: