About Stn:ort

The walls of a castle are made of more than brick and mortar. A castle is also made of networks of people, of their values, it is made of stories, memories, fantasies, and visions. A castle is made of encounters and interactions between materials and living creatures. Bringing a castle to life means bringing people together, sharing stories that connect, and appropriating the space with its built and natural environment together – with all our senses.

Waiting until the walls of the Palace in Sztynort are fully plastered is hence not the answer. We can start appreciating its beauty, learning from its history, and celebrating together under its roof right now. Let the manor of the present, with its weathered body and its untold stories be a source of our inspiration!

Who are the people behind Stn:ort?

We are an international team of people with a passion for place-making, storytelling, and creative community engagement. Some of us are based locally, around Sztynort, Węgorzewo, Giżycko, others in Warsaw and Gdanśk. Some supporters of the Stn:ort initiative are based in Berlin, Dresden, and South-West Germany. A third group of us are located in the UK, around Manchester and in London.

Among us, there are professionals in the field of museums, of archives, and of tourism. There are (former) care workers, seamstresses, drivers, and kitchen workers. There are artists, musicians, and other creative practitioners. There are teachers, managers, philosophers, and politicians. And there are students and local youth. If you would like to be part of the team – get in touch with us: info(at)stnort.org

Here is this year’s core team:

  • Barbara, musical performer
  • Bettina, content writer and palace storyteller
  • Christa, processes and communications, content editing
  • Dawid, palace storyteller, visual documentation
  • Hannah, creative producer
  • Jakob, theatre production
  • Piotr, palace storyteller, health and safety, operations and technical support
  • Jurek, technical assistant
  • Roksana, crafts workshop designer and leader
  • Thea, performance designer, social media documentation
  • Uwe, musical performer
  • Wiktoria, crafts workshop assistant

Social Anthropologist and creative practitioner Hannah Wadle initiated Stn:ort in 2017. After studying the manor and its heritage community for the past 8 years, she wanted to try out something new – a cultural initiative that tells the different stories of the palace, provokes critical conversation through artistic interventions, and builds a new heritage community, based on shared experiences and performance.  Stn:ort 2018 is produced by her organization FairerTales. This year, the week is run by volunteers and supported by donations. Last year’s Stn:ort exhibition was co-funded by the Technical University Dresden.

Stn:ort partners and supporters: