2018: Walk_Spacer_Spaziergang

“Shall we go for a walk?”

Taking a walk can be just an idle pleasure on a Sunday afternoon. Sometimes, however, a walk changes our lives: We clear our heads, we have a genius idea, we take an important decision, we fall in love, we make a cunning plan, we share a secret. Other times, again, a walk  is a masquerade that stages an idyll that never existed. And then there are walks that turn into an escape. In short, walks are very powerful, creative spaces. How do we use them in our everyday lives? Stn:ort 2018 carried the theme “Spaziergang”, German for walk… READ MORE

The Piano (2018) / what makes STN:ORT special

Stn:ort 2018 is over and it was a great joy!

From the 6th to the 11th of August , together with over 40 volunteers and over 1000 visitors, we brought the Palace in Sztynort and its park to life. Our harvest are memories, new ideas, knowledge, networks, and…. some photos: go to the gallery!

Because we want to make the process through which the festival took shape accessible to a broader public, we have decided to publish the festival report as an open document on this website. Download our festival report “Learning from STN:ORT 2018: Experiences, Insights, Goals” here.

This year’s theme was “Walks in Steinort”. Read more about the theme. Our week programme held activities for adults and children: There were guided tours through the manor and park, creative workshops, exhibitions, as well as evening events – concerts, animation screenings, talks, and a book reading. Find the festival week-programme here. Download: Program po polsku / Programm Deutsch 

Sztynort Duży is a small village in the Mazurian Lake District. It is situated on a peninsula in the middle of lakes, and is surrounded by fields and forests. It is home to a small local community and, in summer, to the sailors of the legendary marina. Find out how to get to Sztynort and where to stay.

Stn:ort 2018 was the second edition of the summer festival at the Palace of Sztynort. After last year’s festival week was entitled “Sztynort full of Dreams” and the thematic exhibition “Chronicler of our Dreams. The Manor of Sztynort 1947-2017”. To get a flavour of the festival weeks, read more about last year here.

The event was volunteer-run and funded by donations. Read on about how to support the festival now and in the future.