Support us

How can we support Stn:ort 2020?  


Our most valuable asset are volunteer performers and helpers: We are looking for people, who can support us with the smooth running of the event. Get in touch, if you are free between the 5th and 11th of August and can spare some mornings, afternoons, or evenings helping out. If you are free beforehand, we also need people to proofread and translate texts into Polish, and to do visual work.

Pay a suggested donation for our festival events and workshops!

The tickets for participating in Stn:ort 2019, including the evening events, are free. To each event and festival day, we have allocated a suggested, voluntary donation.  It will help cover the travel and accommodation costs for our international performers and volunteers. See the individual suggested donations in the programme. 


Support Stn:ort festival 2020, the cultural revitalization of the palace by donating. The German Polish heritage donation will pass donations with the title “Stnort2019” on to us. Follow the link here and donate online!

Become a Stn:ort Patron!

If you or your company would like to become a sponsor of the culture week, we have different models of sponsorship available for you. You can become the patron of an evening event, of our day time activities, or of the exhibition.

Get in touch to express your interest in becoming a patron for one of our events.

Some questions you might have:

Why should I give anything for the festival? Isn’t the reconstruction of the manor the important thing? 

The festival and exhibitions are important parts of the reconstruction process. They build a community, explore histories, and facilitate encounters. The place starts breathing, living, growing. Of course, you can and should also consider supporting the material reconstruction of the palace. Both aspects -the material and immaterial go hand in hand.

How do you pay for the festival?

This year, the festival is free, run by volunteers supported through donations, sponsorship, and public funding. While there is no one single pot of money we draw from, this year, we are lucky to be supported by  Lehndorff-Gesellschaft Steinort e.V., the Stiftung for Deutsch-Polnische Zusammenarbeit, and a range of individual sponsors including the German Embassy in Warsaw, King Cross, and the Heukamps. As non-commercial producers, we are investing a lot of our own energy and financial resources in making this week inclusive, unconventional, and a place to think across the boundaries of time and space. In the third year of Stn:ort, we are still working on a small scale. We want to grow slowly and organically. The event developed naturally after we organized an exhibition with creative week in 2017. We realised that during that week, the palace came to life and was charged with much positive energy.

Why should I support Stn:ort, can’t the government, the EU, or another public body pay for it? 

The plan for the future is to keep the event more independent from national agendas, make it economically sustainable, and develop its collaborative character. The best model for that we still need to find.  If you are supporting us this year, you co-create the future of Stn:ort. We are then first and foremost liable to you.